Liana Holt

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Pastor Liana

Pastor Liana Holt, Wife of Senior Pastor, Doug Holt. has been ministering at Discover Hope since its inception 20 years ago. Liana has an Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, Human Resources from Wayne State College and a Bachelor's degree in theology from the International School of Ministry. Pastor Liana is the Co-pastor for Discover Hope International, administrates the International School of Ministry sessions for both the associate and bachelor programs, and oversees a variety of ministries to meet the practical needs of congregants such a parenting classes, marriage seminars, etc.  

Pastor Liana works closely with all ministries churchwide, and is our go-to Pastor whenever a question needs to be answered. Her joy in the Lord makes her a blessing to Discover Hope International and we are proud to call her one of our own. 

If you have questions about any of the ministries mentioned above, or would like to chat with Pastor Liana, send her an email today!